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Mary Apparitions for the World

Mary began giving messages "for the world" in 1830 and they are continuing to the present. "Private revelations" concern individuals. “Public revelation” concerns the deposit of Faith which concluded with the Apostolic era. This new phenomenon of revelations "for the world" awaits a proper theological category. The Mother of God is not revealing new contents of the Faith, but acting in the role of a prophetess, guiding us toward conversion and through the desert of our times into a new time.

Mary's Apparition for the World: Paris: Rue de Bac 

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67 minutes 

Mary's Apparition for the World: Akita, Japan

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58 minutes 

Mary's Apparition for the World: Marienfried, Germany

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51 minutes 

Mary's Apparition for the World: Fatima: The Third Secret

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62 minutes 

And many more in this series!

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