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Order of the Mother of God

Mary dictated the Rule for the new Order of the Mother of God during her Apparition at LaSalette in 1846. Melanie said it would be for a future time. Now is the time! In this video "Sister Anne" explains the implications for the Church.

Table of Contents

I—The Day Before

II—The Lady Appears

III—The Secret Given to Maximin

IV—The Secret Given to Melanie

V—The “Sight” 

VI—The Rule of the Mother of God 

VII—The Lady Departs 

VIII—The Witnesses Deliver the Message 

IX—Melanie Describes the Holy Virgin 

To read the text online, go to the menu at the top of the screen. Under "New Order" click "Rule of Mary"

To download a free PDF, click the PDF icon at the left.

To order the booklet please go to the Contact page.

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